Welcome Home My Florida!
I have a heart for Garden Clubs. My Grandmother was a serious Gardner, growing food for
the family. The flowers that woman would grow... incredible! She was an inspiration to me at
a very young age.  She would work hours in the hot sun, and what she grew... strengthened
my inner character. She love designing and actively participated in competitions and events
her club coordinated. So it's a pleasure to welcome the High Springs Garden Club to our
Community.  I welcome you with open arms and 'budding' enthusiasm.
High Springs
Garden Club
A Prayer was lifted at a luncheon  today and is used by the Garden Club Members as a reminder of their purpose here
on earth. I think it appropriate to share this with you as there is a true beauty in the life of a gardener. You see it every
day in new blossom, or a new little baby squash presenting itself to the world. God surely has His Angels watching over
the gardens of the world. When I see a flower, I see Him in the details.
Help us to realize that in so doing, we cultivate
patience, faith and hope.

In weeding our gardens of thorns and
brambles, may we also weed our lives of all
actions and thoughts that are destructive to our
fellow men.

Create in us a spirit of humility and an
appreciation of Thy handiwork. And, as we listen
to the song of the Cardinal, or gaze upon the
first Violet, may we be filled with a desire to
cheerfully and willingly perform our daily tasks.  
Source: Florida Federation of Garden Clubs
The Garden Club
of High Springs
As we lift up our eyes
unto the hills,
clothed in nature's
beauty, may we, O
Lord, learn the art of
living, working and
gardening together.
The object of this organization shall be to further the education of members
and the public in the fields of gardening, horticulture, conservation, civic
beautification and nature studies.
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Contact Information
President: Margaret O'Donnell EMAIL
Membership: Lucille Perks 386 497 4461 or Joanne Kreinbihl EMAIL

2008 Programs
January 15th 2 pm Floral Design Demo & Silent Auction
February 19th 2 pm Plant Propagation Demo & Plant Sale Workshop
March 18th 2 pm Darlyne Ford's Home in Three Rivers
April 15th 9 am Melrose Greathouse Butterfly Farm Tour & Lunch
May 20th 12 pm End of the Year Potluck Salad & Desert Luncheon with Betty Hines Floral Design
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