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I've been bringing tidbits of information here about
probiotic-rich food and attempting to figure out what it
is. I get a newsletter from The Maker's Diet and it uses
as examples; kefir, grape cooler, natural ginger ale,
kombucha, and kvass which are all fermented
"These lactic-acid-rich drinks help relieve
intestinal problems, including constipation. They can
strengthen the sick and promote overall well-being
and stamina and are even considered superior to plain
water in their ability to relieve thirst during physical
Also mentioned was sauerkraut. I know that
some yogurt is good as well.
Karen Voight
I love her exercise dvds!
Working with weights is
the fastest way to shape
up your figure!
Jordan's Tip
From the author of "The Maker's Diet"
The Cost of Organic

You want to switch to organic, but you're worried about the price. While organic foods are

more expensive than their nonorganic counterparts, that doesn't mean that you can't have
them. Be creative: Shop at farmer's markets, stick to organic foods that are in season, or
grow your own! That way, you can control exactly what goes into your garden, and more
importantly, what doesn't.
Jordon Rubin
Author of
The Maker's Diet
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Fabulous and Fit!
done to improve my health. I have never been a fruit eater, but when it's in the form of a smoothie... it's good, easy
and something I can commit to doing for the rest of my life.

Another benefit of eating fruit is that I leave the grocery store with money still in my pocket! If health can't get you
motivated, maybe MONEY in the bank can! Buying natural foods 'can' be much cheaper. Now when you get into all
the 'organic' variations of food products, it can be more expensive. So be careful what you pick. Jordan, for example
suggests NOT to eat the typical meat products found in most markets.

Listen to this tidbit:
"Animal growth hormones are another cause for concern. They don't disappear after an animal is
butchered, prepared for market, or cooked. They go right into our stomachs. Nor do they disappear from the milk of
a cow treated with antibiotics. It is estimated that one glass of commercial, non-organic milk purchased from a
grocery story may contain the residue of up to 100 different antibiotics!

Beyond the hormones that are injected directly into the animal, many of the meats we eat come from animals fed with
antibiotic-laden feeds. Growth hormones in our food supply are even blamed for causing the abnormally early
menses of young girls and for the overabundance of female hormones in young men. (Female hormones are given to
milk cows to increase production.) "

That kind of information really makes me want to stop and THINK before chowing down!
Here's some things you might find interesting. Jordan lists several different things to do
TO GET SICK... such as; Keep food in plastic / Use aluminum wrap / Eat Grocery Store
Produce / Eat Processed Foods / Use Artificial Sweeteners. Makes sense doesn't it? But I'll
bet a dollar if I walked into refrigerators and food pantries across Florida, I'd find all of the
above. (I'm including my own).

I think we've grown accustomed to the simplicity of processed foods and this one item alone
is the biggest culprit of the downfall of the American diet. It's just so much easier to pop in a
frozen dinner for 4 minutes to drown out the pains of hunger.

I know that since I've been attempting to convert to more natural food selections, I feel
better. I haven't lost any weight, but I don't feel as though I'm carrying around an extra 10 lbs
from eating dinner either. My 'system' is flowing better if you get my drift and that alone has
got to be worth looking into more organic food choices.

A couple of months ago I talked about my fruit smoothies and how much they helped get my
digestive track moving again. It still is holding true today as being the number one thing I've