Welcome Home My Florida
About Us...
No... It's About YOU!
About Us!

Thanks for looking in. I'm Deborah, and it's not  'About Me'... This site is about all those who are participating, reading & sharing.
It's a collective effort of people just like you and me who are wanting a nice place to come on the Internet to find useful information
for our area.

I started this business as a 'Welcome' to new residents, but as I began to scour the Internet looking for events, restaurants, things
to do, ideas and all, I found that so many of the sites are out of date, some have information that is not correct, others are hard to
navigate and some have links that are not properly working...  It was just basically hard to find what I was looking for. So I
re-organized my thoughts for this venture.

What it's become is more than what I envisioned... An online magazine, (e'zine), for Florida! I've been overwhelmed with the
enthusiastic responses I've been getting from readers like yourself and I thank you for that.

We're all about the PEOPLE of the area. That's where my focus remains and I don't think I could have any more fun doing anything
else. I welcome groups that are involved in Gardening, Recipes, Fitness, Family Pets and Home Decor.  Got an idea? Let me in
on it and let's see if we can come up with something together.

Thanks again for looking in and get involved! I don't guarantee everyone's 'opinion' will be included, but I'd love to see what's on
your mind. Have a great day and tell a friend!